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19 Times American Tumblr And British Tumblr Went Head To Head

Can't we all just get along?

1. When the age-old fight over the English language was far from finished.

2. When Britain was excluded from the conversation.

3. So they fought back with words.

4. When sweets were suddenly sufficient grounds for debate.

5. And nobody could agree on what to call a toastie.

6. When Britain was called out for its bland cuisine.

7. And America was called out for...just being America.

8. When America upstaged Britain in size.

9. And America forgot that not everyone lives there.

10. When this discovery left Brits clutching their pearls.

11. Because half of the time Americans and Brits are speaking a completely different language.

12. When an innocent question backfired almost immediately.

13. When Brits were clearly tired of the tea jokes.

14. But never seemed to tire of taking the piss out of the US.

15. When the American way of making tea left Brits scandalised.

16. When Americans were just mean.

17. And had no patience for British chat.

18. When the tension between the two places was blindingly obvious.

19. And finally, when World War Tea was officially triggered.