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August 24, 2017

Windowed Envelopes Accidentally Revealed That Patients Had HIV

About 12,000 Aetna members received letters about filling their HIV medications — information that was visible through at least some of the envelopes’ windows. “Young adults who have had their parents learn their HIV status this way, it’s been absolutely devastating to them,” the Legal Action Center told BuzzFeed News.

29 Random Fantasies You've Definitely Had

You’ll fall in love with someone despite their obvious financial struggles, proving that you’re totally not materialistic, then you’ll find out that it was all a test and they’re actually rich as hell, and they’re going to buy you a house.

Flash Briefing For August 24, 2017

Today in entertainment news: A “Black Girls Rock” recap, Taylor Swift’s new album, a Sunday night dilemma with the VMAs and “GOT” airing at the same darn time, and Amy Schumer’s renegotiation with Netflix.

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