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17 Kitchen Supplies You Can Get On Sale Right Now

I've been saving over this hot stove all day.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Stocking a kitchen can be both intimidating and expensive.

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Why are there so many types of saucepans? How much should a saucepan cost? Can you make sauce in any kind of pan, or must it be a saucepan????

For a little guidance, check out BuzzFeed's Tasty x Jet kitchen essentials page to see some of Tasty's product picks.

And new Jet customers can use the code TASTY15 to get 15% off their first three orders over $35. Here are some of the sweet (and savory) deals you can scoop up.

1. A KitchenAid stand mixer, the holy grail of countertop appliances.

These things are incredible, and last forever. Mine was a wedding gift. Given to my parents. Forty years ago.

Promising review: "I've had mine at home for 15 years and it still works like I just took it out of the box. I have purchased at least one for every classroom that I have been in, around 15 total. I have also influenced many of my family, friends, and students to purchase one for their home kitchens, that would bring the total to around 50 sold. This tool makes completing any recipes a joy. Every kitchen in America needs this tool." —Mr. HomeEc

Get it for $187.99.


2. A food processor that makes an invaluable sous chef.

Check out some of the magic a food processor can add to your kitchen here.

Promising review: "Best appliance I've ever purchased. Food is always better when you make it fresh. I make pesto, falafel, salad dressing, and more with this. It's easy to use and clean up. I highly recommend it." —Brat

Get it for $72.89.

4. A powerful little blender to fuel your hunger for smoothies.

The blender's tops double as to-go cups, making it part appliance, part life hack.

Promising review: "I was looking for a personal blender to use for smoothies and protein shakes—this blender works perfectly! The blades are strong enough to shred ice which was the number one thing I was looking for. It is simple to use, and the design of the container is perfect to drink out of. I would definitely recommend especially considering the price." —KC920

Get it for $33.99.


6. A 15-piece nonstick cookware set that will outfit your kitchen in one fell swoop.

Your new kitchen color is turquoise; you're welcome.

Promising review: "They're very easy to cook with, their colors are a vision of beauty, and the food slides right off. Love that! Since I have to cook meals, I like using cookware that's pretty and light. These are useful and easy to clean." —Kidse

Get it for $84.15.

8. A 30-piece knife and kitchen tools set that's the perfect fit for small kitchens.

9. A countertop convection oven for all your baking, toasting, and rotisserie-ing needs.

Can your toaster oven baste a rotisserie chicken as it cooks? Mine mostly just burns bagels.

Promising review: "We bought this countertop oven when our full size oven stopped functioning properly a few years ago. This things works great! I regularly bake pizza, pork chops, lasagna, and chicken in this oven and have zero complaints. Because it's small, it heats up quickly which saves time on preheating. Normal-sized frozen pizzas fit inside perfectly. Bottom line—I love this little oven and am very glad we have it!! We've had it for at least three years and it still works great." —Jean2

Get it for $56.10.


11. A 28-piece Pyrex set you can use for prepping, baking, and storage.

Promising review: "I absolutely love this this set. Each piece is dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe. I was able to use both the 7x11-inch and 9x13-inch dishes for Thanksgiving, the grab handles and lids came in very handy and they were a breeze to clean. Take good care of your Pyrex set and it will serve you well for a good long time." —RoniAnne

Get it for $40.85.


14. A deep fryer to ensure that you never leave your house again.

Most people only leave their houses in search of deep-fried things, right?

Promising review: "OK, I'll admit it — I was saving up for a more expensive brand, but when I read the box for this one, in-store, I saw that the specs were the same as the much, MUCH pricier model... so I took a chance on this Presto. HOLY CATS, am I glad I did! It's well-made, heats quickly, and the oil temperature comes right back up after dropping in a basket of food, JUST like the professional ones that I used to work with! My kids got to try pommes frites made the right way, tonight — I doubt they'll ever eat the frozen kind again. Everything (excepting the heating unit) is dishwasher safe, the heating unit has a clearly visible "ready" light, and it's 1800 watts. This is a great little fryer. If you're on the fence about this one, jump off — it's a great deal, and a really nice appliance." —leopardstripes

Get it for $33.93.

16. A griddle/grill with two cooking surfaces, because you should never be forced to choose between pancakes and ribs.

They're called pancribs, and they will be my masterpiece.

Promising review: "It's everything I expected. I love being able to control the temperature on both sides. I can grill and griddle at the same time if I choose. Cleanup is really easy. That's a BIG plus in my world. I've had other electric grills in the past that made me work too hard at cleanup time. I vote YES and would recommend this product. Happy grilling!" —Marina

Get it for $35.58.

17. And finally, a saucepan! For sauces!

Look, I found one! It's on the pricey side, because Calphalon is the good shit.

Promising review: "We have had this pan for a few years now. We absolutely love it. We actually have three sizes. We use it for everything and it continues to perform." —alec120psi

Get it for $69.65.