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Here's The One Thing You Never Noticed About The Show "Insecure"

What do you mean WE got y'all?

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And because we're so busy relating to all the problematic AF shit Issa's all white co-workers say, it's easy to miss this little, but very intentional, detail of the show.


*She does have one co-worker, Sarah, who isn't white, but she is hella out of touch sooooo...



My bad! A previous version of this post said Issa's non-white co-worker, played by Sujata Day, is named Cece. It also insinuated that Issa's boss is played by the same actress who played her boss in the Awkward Black Girl web series.

Day's character was Cece on Issa Rae's web series Awkward Black Girl, but on Insecure her character's name is Sarah. The actresses who play her boss on the web series and the HBO sitcom are also different. Sorryyyyy!