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    Please Witness The Face Issa Rae Made In Reaction To Her Golden Globe Nom

    HER FAAAACE. [Updated]

    On Monday morning, the 2017 Golden Globe nominations were announced. Among the nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series β€” Comedy or Musical was one Issa Rae, the mastermind behind Insecure.


    Her fellow nominees were Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin), Tracee Ellis Ross (Black-ish), Sarah Jessica Parker (Divorce), and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep).

    It's Rae's first Globes nomination ever, and she celebrated in style β€” at least, that's what it looks like according to an Instagram post by her co-star Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on Insecure. The post shows Orji and Rae FaceTiming after the nominations were announced.

    "That time @issarae got nominated for a @goldenglobes and I FaceTimed her at the but-crack [sic] of dawn and went through all the emotions of pure excitement in our matching headscarves!" Orji wrote in her Instagram caption.

    Yvonne Orji / Via

    She also killed the hashtag game: "#BecauseThatsWhatFriendsAreFor! #SeeWhatYouCanDoWithAniPhoneIssa?! #FirstTimeFaceTiming #TheresNoGoingBack #HerFlawlessSkinAngersMe 😑

    #SheReallyDidWakeUpLikeThis #ThatsThatGoldenGlobesGlow πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ #insecureHBO #DasMyBoo!"

    Check those headscarves, check those smiles.

    Yvonne Orji / Via

    "I was asleep and I got a call from my publicist," Rae told BuzzFeed News over email. "I ignored the first call because I was like, Unh-unh. I'm asleep."


    But Rae eventually looked at her phone when she realized all of the phone calls had something to do with the Golden Globe nominations that were announced that morning. "I just laid there, kind of stunned," she said. "I saw a text from our showrunner, Prentice Penny, and it was in all caps, 'YOU DID IT! YOU GOT NOMINATED!!!!' And then Yvonne Orji Face-Timed me and pumped me up like she always does. Talking to her really made it real for me."

    Rae said her nomination feels especially great because of the quality of shows that are on TV in general. "To be acknowledged in the same category as other women of color is already surreal," she said. "And then when I think about how Tracee Ellis Ross was the lead of one of the shows that paved the way for our own, it trips me out."


    "I'm just really happy with TV right now and proud that people are identifying with the stories that we're telling."

    Rae also posted the Wale song "Black Is Gold" to Twitter in reaction to her nomination.

    How I feel today seeing all these mela-nominations. Thank you everybody!

    "Black is beautiful, black is gold," the lyrics say.


    Yvonne Orji / Via

    UPDATE β€” This post has been updated with a comment from Issa Rae.