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21 Times Tumblr Summed Up What It Means To Be British

"The amount of concentration a person devotes to transporting an overly full cup of tea from kitchen to couch is directly proportionate to just how British you are."

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1. On the uniqueness of British TV:

2. And the even more unique nature of the news stories:

3. On British stereotypes:

4. On the nation's favourite drink:

5. On this joke that only British people will truly appreciate:

6. On this nod to Henry VIII:

7. On the use of the word "tea":

8. Which has a few ~alternative~ names:

9. On the creation of the Union Jack:

10. On the fact everyone seems to be called Harry:

11. Literally everyone.

12. And even Google can't keep up.

13. On this artistic use of tea:

14. On this "Let It Go" remix:

15. On the nature of British villains:

16. On this rule that makes no sense:

17. On the ambiguity of the English language:

18. On the importance of good tea-carrying skills:

19. On this very important debate:

20. On the UK's insistence on driving differently from everyone else:

21. And on this look of love, which could only be down to one thing: