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16 Animal Tweets That Actually Deserve At Least 1 Million Retweets

Thank god we still have animals.

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1. Introducing Disney's latest film, Trash Panda and Woofer Take A Dip.

take a little time out of your day to watch this 🐾

@_CaitlynNicole_ / Via Twitter: @_CaitlynNicole_

2. Someone recruit this guinea pig for the Miami Heat.

In case you didn't know guinea pigs could jump... you do now! 🐹

@ftcreature / Via Twitter: @ftcreature

3. And I thought elephants couldn't get any cuter.

Something happy before you go to bed: your reminder that baby elephants suck on their trunks just like human babies…

@yashar / Via Twitter: @yashar

4. Nature is magical.

For those not in North America, this is what the eclipse might look like

@KFILE / Via Twitter: @KFILE

5. I mean the eclipse really was a life changing moment.

@meanplastic / Via Twitter: @meanpiastic

6. I can't unsee this.

@joeyalison / Via Twitter: @joeyalison

7. Time to give up and become a cat.

TFW the troubles of the world are weighing on you but then you remember you're a cat and honestly, you don't give a…

@scalzi / Via Twitter: @scalzi

8. Do we even deserve lions?

A woman adopted 2 lion cubs but had to give them up to the local zoo Here's what happened visiting them 7yrs later

@FreddyAmazin / Via Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

9. Fuck your tents.

@MeanAnimals / Via Twitter: @MeanAnimals

10. Pretty sure that's a cherry?

@trayvontwo / Via Twitter: @trayvontwo

11. Meet the newest member of the US Olympic team.

Dog tries to imitate little girl's cartwheel

@BBAnimals / Via Twitter: @BBAnimals

12. Love at first sight.

@saspler / Via Twitter: @saspler

13. Everyone goes through a bang phase apparently.

How did this horse just say "i fink youre freaky and i like u a lot"

@loopzoop / Via Twitter: @loopzoop

14. Bow down to our queen.

@CincinnatiZoo We don't need special glasses to enjoy this miracle of science.

@DoHoBOB / Via Twitter: @DoHoBOB

15. Clean up on aisle 12.

@ashleenn_ / Via Twitter: @ashleenn_

16. What a damn good boy.


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