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16 International Fast-Food Items That'll Make You Want To Move ASAP

Will travel 4 food.

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1. KFC Japan: The Chizza

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Chicken + pizza = a good enough reason to move to Tokyo.

3. McDonald's Canada: Poutine

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As if McDonald's fries weren't good enough, let's cover them in melted cheese.

4. Taco Bell Netherlands: Loaded Nacho Fries


9. KFC India: Chick 'N Roll

@Twitter: @saltandsandals / Via Twitter: @saltandsandals, @guiltlessfoodie / Via Twitter: @guiltlessfoodie

Should you find yourself in India, you can get this fried wrap filled with crispy fried chicken for 99 rupees (which is the equivalent of about $1.50).


14. Burger King South Africa: Chicken Nugget Burger

Via, @jjjessyG / Via Twitter: @jjjessyG

Sure, you could buy a Whopper and nuggets and rig this epic creation at your table...but it's obviously more wonderful when you can order it premade.

16. McDonald's Hawaii: Lobster Roll