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    17 Times "Game Of Thrones" Was Literally You Going Back To School

    For the classroom is dark and full of terrors.

    1. When you realize summer is over and you have to go back to school.

    2. Walking into class on the first day of school like...

    3. When the teacher asks you to introduce yourself using a few words.

    4. When you thought you could nail the first exam without studying, but the only thing you're able to fill in is "name".

    5. When the teacher asks if you're going to make some effort, unlike last year.

    6. This is literally you after your first day, begging your teacher to let you go home when the bell FINALLY rings.

    7. When you haven't done your homework and your teacher asks you where it is.

    8. When you have to do your first group project and pretend like you don't hate all the other group members.

    9. And when you finally get to do a group project with your crush and you laugh at all their stupid jokes.

    10. There's 99.9% chance that your teacher told you this, because they wanted to motivate you.

    11. When you open a chewing gum pack in class.

    12. When you're prepared to cheat, but the subject of the exam is totally different than you expected.

    13. When your teacher calls you up to the blackboard.

    14. That look your teacher gives you when you disappoint them.

    15. When the people sitting next to you in class won't stop talking.

    16. When the teacher has to leave for a few minutes and they leave you in charge and, well, you kinda take advantage of it.

    17. And finally, when Jon insists you're wrong, but the teacher says you're right.

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