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Holy Shit, This Job Listing For A Nanny Is Too Much

"I feel it is best to be upfront – the role is demanding."

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Most parents dream of finding someone like Mary Poppins when they’re looking for a nanny, but one British family basically needs Mary Poppins — because she’s the only person who could meet their incredibly demanding job requirements.


How demanding you ask? Well, let’s take a look at the job description:

“We are looking for a highly qualified nanny who has a degree in child psychology…"

“ children of their own and a minimum of 15 years of nannying experience.”


"Our children are home-schooled and require constant attention and supervision, even when they are with their teachers.”


"We’d prefer our nanny to eat with the children at every meal..."


“The candidate must be willing to work six days a week, 7am to 8pm.”


"Ideally our nanny will be trained in self-defense."


If — and it’s a big if — you’re still interested in the job, it does come with perks.


The family has four homes in London, Barbados, Cape Town, and Atlanta, and the nanny will travel between them.

A&M Records

Their meals will be cooked by a Michelin star chef.

chef_giancarloperbellini / Via

And the family is offering a yearly salary of £100,000 (roughly $128,000 U.S.).


Even so, I'm thinking most people will be like:


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