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This Dude Hilariously Misread His College Acceptance Letter And Drove 1,000 km To The Wrong Campus

How one misunderstood abbreviation made a father and son go on a road trip thousands of miles from where they were supposed to actually go.

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One of the universities that accepted him was the National Institute of Technology. As one can see pretty clearly in his provisional letter, the NIT branch that he got accepted by was located in "A. Pradesh".

Last month, Khan and his dad decided that they would drive down to the campus with a few friends and make a road trip out of his farewell.

The journey would see them cover almost 1,000 km across multiple states, from Aurangabad in Maharashtra to the NIT campus in Andhra Pradesh.


"When the clerk at the desk told us it was Arunachal Pradesh, me and dad just stared at each other and I couldn't help but laugh. Dad was a good sport about it," Khan told BuzzFeed.

Daniyaal Khan

"I was sweating buckets because I was worried he might get pissed at me being so careless. I explained that there was no way I could have known," he added.

"Heck, we're from Maharashtra. When someone says 'AP' or we read 'A. Pradesh', our first assumption is always Andhra. To make matters worse, I got referred to NIT Andhra Pradesh's site after searching for 'NIT-AP'."

Daniyaal Khan

With it becoming clear that he wouldn't get to the correct campus before the reporting deadline, he got the NIT-AP coordinator to certify that it was a genuine mistake because others might not believe how bad it was.


"Initially, my dad was looking up flights to Arunachal Pradesh, but we ditched the plan and just drove back home after about three hours, laughing hysterically at the whole situation," Khan concluded.

Daniyaal Khan

He added that joining NIT was a backup plan in any case, and that he was just gonna go ahead with his primary plan now – to apply to universities abroad in November.

Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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