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    OMG, Amazon Prime Members Can Get Discounts At Whole Foods Soon

    Whole Foods, whole paycheck? Try again, sweetie.

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    Whole Foods: You know them. You love them. You can't believe how much damn money you fork over to them every time you buy groceries.

    Drew Anthony Smith / Getty Images

    But that last part is all about to change. Soon, you'll be able to get discounts at Whole Foods just by being an Amazon Prime subscriber!

    If you're not already an Amazon Prime subscriber, uh...get on that.

    Starting on Monday, shoppers will be able to get lower prices on everything from avocados to eggs to kale, with special in-store discounts and benefits exclusively for Prime members slated to arrive in the future.

    Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

    Just remember, fellow millennials: Even with a discount, if you spend too much on avocados, you'll never be able to afford a house!

    Plus, Whole Foods ~private label~ brands, like 365 Everyday Value, will be available to buy online from Amazon!

    If you're not signed up for an Amazon Prime account, go here to do that right now so you can start enjoying the savings as soon as they start!

    Since it's unclear if you'll be able to get the deals if you're currently using your parents' account, roommate's account, or ex-boyfriend's best friend's mother-in-law's second cousin's account, it's probably worth investing in your own!

    Me before literally every grocery shopping trip from now on:

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