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29 Random Fantasies You've Definitely Had

You’ll fall in love with someone despite their obvious financial struggles, proving that you’re totally not materialistic, then you’ll find out that it was all a test and they’re actually rich as hell, and they’re going to buy you a house.

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Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

1. A Hollywood producer randomly sees your face on the street and immediately decides that you will be the lead of their next film and makes you famous overnight.

2. How you’d then use your newfound fame as a platform for good and socially progressive movements. You’d be a really down to earth celebrity that the youth can really look up to.

3. Or you’d be a really glamorous but troubled star and live a life of luxury and excess. You’d die young, like all the true stars, probably in a silk gown in your boudoir, delicately clutching a crystal glass of champagne.

4. Who you’d thank at your Oscar acceptance speech.

5. How you’d give a really candid and vulnerable interview exclusive to Oprah, telling her about your struggles growing up and how you’ve come to be the success you are now, despite the odds.

6. Bumping into your ex whilst looking super glamorous and being really casual and nice to them, proving that you’re obviously the bigger person.

7. Randomly inheriting a huge sum of money from a wealthy relative you never knew you had.

8. Or befriending a lonely old woman, just out of the kindness of you heart. Then after she dies, realising she left you all her wealth, because you were the only one to show her kindness in her later years.

9. Or winning the lottery.

10. How you’d spend that money – would you go on a massive shopping spree or immediately pay off all your debts?

Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

11. Taking up vlogging, just on a whim, and your charming personality and good looks will immediately win over millions of people and make you famous with your own makeup line overnight.

12. You’ll see someone being rude to someone else on the street, and step in and save the day. Someone will film you being heroic and the video will go viral, and there will be tonnes of articles about how brave you are. Every time you’re interviewed about it you’ll say that your act of heroism was “just doing what anyone else would do”, and people would compliment your humbleness.

13. A famous musician sees you randomly and is so inspired by your beauty that they write a hit song about you.

14. You randomly try out a new sport and realise you’re a natural at it. Three years later you win gold at the Olympics.

15. How you’d gracefully and silently leave if you ever discovered your partner cheating on you. You’d have just a single tear running down your face as you give them a final look that’ll shatter their heart just like they did yours.

16. Or how you’d immediately throw all their possessions out of the window and go on a rampage with a baseball bat whilst listening to Lemonade.

17. How one day you’ll randomly bump into your favourite musician, casually start talking to them and befriend them.

18. You’d then invite them to your housewarming and act really casual when people freak out that Björk is at your party, but you’ll act like that’s totally normal for you. You’re friends with interesting people like Björk.

19. You’ll fall in love with someone despite their obvious financial struggles, proving that you’re totally not materialistic. Then you’ll find out that it was all a test and they’re actually rich as hell, and they’re going to buy you a house now.

20. Going to your high school reunion in ten years time and having aged way better than everyone else.

Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

21. You wake up one day and suddenly you’re able to play the guitar and have a beautiful voice.

22. Or it turns out you had a beautiful voice all along, but you only realise it when you drunkenly perform at a karaoke club. Little do you know, a talent scout is there and they give you a record deal immediately.

23. You discover you actually have a knack for languages and you learn Mandarin in three days.

24. How hot you’d look if you had a personal trainer and a team of personal stylists.

25. How your food Instagram would one day pick up tract and you’d sign a cooking book deal.

26. The cover would feature you smiling jubilantly and with your impressive six-pack on show.

27. How you’ll randomly bump into the person who was mean to you at school and they’ll be so impressed by who you’ve become and want to be your friend.

28. You’ll one day discover you have super powers.

29. You realise there has been a backlog of mail and you’ve missed your acceptance letter to Hogwarts. However you’re a really powerful wizard so they still let you in as a mature student, even though you’re 25 with a full time job.