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    39 Problems Everyone With A Baby-Face Has Faced At Least Once In Their Lives

    I KNOW I'll look amazing in 20 years, okay?! I just wanna look fly right now :(

    1. Having people do an incredulous double-take when you tell them your age.

    2. Being accused of lying and gross deception after telling people your age.

    3. Having your cheeks pinched without warning.

    4. Being asked, "So, which high school do you go to?"

    5. Having to actually wait till you're of legal age to enter a bar without getting ID'd.

    6. Getting ID'd while entering the bar nevertheless.

    7. Getting ID'd again when you're ordering a drink.

    8. Getting ID'd once again when you're leaving the goddamn ba- lol jk jk.

    9. People asking you, "So, what's your secret? Do you drink, like, flax seed juice every morning?" and other such questions.

    10. People asking if you spend a lot on skincare products.

    11. People asking if the puberty train is scheduled to halt at your stop anytime soon or nah.

    12. People going, "AWWWW" when you get mad.

    13. If you're a guy, having people ask if you've ever had to shave.

    14. Trying hard to grow a beard to prove them haters wrong.

    15. Failing miserably.

    16. If you're a woman, really spending ages on your makeup to look older.

    17. Trying to wear something sexy, but looking cute instead.

    18. Trying to wear something cute, but looking like a toy instead.

    19. Being offered the kids menu when you go out to eat.

    20. Having people go, "OMG you LITERALLY haven't aged in 20 years" after seeing your childhood pictures.

    21. Trying to put on a deeper voice when talking to someone new to convince them you're older than you look.

    22. Failing miserably.

    23. Everyone trying to console you by saying, "Oh, but you'll look great in 20 years."

    24. Your friends giving you nicknames which include any of the following words: "junior, kid, little one, literal baby, one of the youths."

    25. Being asked if your parents are home, every time you answer the goddamn door for someone.

    26. Wondering whether people are being nice because they think you're an actual child.

    27. Feeling shifty while purchasing alcohol, even though you know you're super-legit.

    28. Being asked if you'd like a soda when everyone around you is ordering beers.

    29. Trying to look confident and acting grown-up while buying a ticket to an R-rated movie so you wouldn't get ID'd.

    30. Failing miserably.

    31. Finding it nigh impossible to date someone your age.

    32. Finding someone to date who's your age, but they look like your guardian when you go out together.

    33. People being stunned when you acknowledge that you listen to any music that's over 20 years old.

    34. Looking lost when you go shopping alone, with fellow shoppers giving you concerned glances.

    35. People saying, "You look like an actor, actually," and then proceeding to name the latest 12-year-old Disney star.

    36. Telling someone your age, then having them go, "Wait, what year were you born in?" as if that drastically alters your answer.

    37. Not being taken seriously when you're trying to be part of an "adult conversation."

    38. Trying to convince yourself that you don't care what others think, and that everything is in your head anyway.

    39. Failing miserably.