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21 Jokes That'll Make Single People Laugh And Then Fall Into A Pit Of Sadness And Despair

"Just dropped my new single! It’s me, I’m single!"

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1. This revealing news report:

A_State_of_E / Via Twitter: @A_State_of_E

2. This genius hack:

carolyne_1982 / Via

3. This painful moment:

lipaluthor / Via Twitter: @lipaluthor

4. This never-ending cycle:

5. This picture that sums it all up:

Amr_Said96 / Via Twitter: @Amr_Said96

6. This shocking twist:

whyiamsingIe / Via Twitter: @whyiamsingIe

7. This harsh reality:

Trigger / Via

8. This two-sided dilemma:

high-freequency / Via

9. And this fact:

flahertykeely / Via Twitter: @flahertykeely

10. This encouraging mom:

kellpage / Via Twitter: @kellpage

11. This important announcement:

12. This unpleasant reminder:

SamGrittner / Via Twitter: @SamGrittner

13. This absolute truth:

NBC / Via

14. This candid answer:

"How's the single life treating you?"


15. This saying that doesn't apply to you:

itsall4lov3 / Via

16. This surprising revelation:

S.M. Entertainment / Via

17. And this sad sad Valentine's day:


18. This accurate portrayal of single life:

FOX / Via

19. This gif that's worth a thousand words:

Cartoon Network

20. This realization:

hollis_jane / Via Twitter: @hollis_jane

21. And finally, this acknowledgement of achievement:

steelstepladder / Via

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