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Alexandre Aragão One year ago

Please Watch This Insane Footage Of Judith Butler Being Called A Witch In Brazil

It was a passionate exchange of ideas in Brazil on Tuesday as pro- and anti-Judith Butler demonstrators gathered outside a seminar.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

Brazilian Women Are Tweeting Their Stories Of Harassment From Drivers

"After trapping me, he said that the fare would be free if I gave him a kiss and he grabbed my arm."

Aline Ramos 2 years ago

This Is How Big The Part Of The Amazon Brazil Just Opened Up To Mining Actually Is

Environmentalists fear rampant exploitation, deforestation and even a gold rush could come from the decision, increasing pressure on indigenous lands and social problems.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

WhatsApp Has A Viral Rumor Problem With Real Consequences

The rumors spread among WhatsApp's more than 100 million users in Brazil can vary from the weird — like the mattress dealer who allegedly made a deal with Satan — to the potentially deadly.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

Almost Every Major Politician In Brazil Is Under Criminal Investigation Now

Eight ministers, 71 congresspeople, 5 former presidents, and the main candidates running for president next year are all being investigated for corruption now.

Severino Motta 2 years ago

The Army Has Been Called In To Help Stop A Massive Wave Of Violence In Brazil

Sixty-two people have already been killed since Friday in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, where the military police are on strike after having their pay frozen for three years.

Tatiana Farah 2 years ago

A French Consulate In Brazil Actually Used A Pepe Meme To Promote Tourism

The poor consulate staffers apparently had no idea that Neo-Nazis on the internet had appropriated the jovial frog as their mascot.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

Aides To Brazil's President Say Trump Didn't Discuss Scandal-Tainted Hotel When They Spoke

Donald Trump's organization said Tuesday it was pulling out of managing a Rio de Janeiro hotel after it came under investigation. Hours earlier Trump and the Brazilian president spoke — but aides told BuzzFeed News they didn't discuss the scuttled deal.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

Exclusive: Documents Implicate Brazilian President Michel Temer In Corruption Scandal

A former VP at one of Brazil's largest construction companies told prosecutors the firm gave the president $3.3 million in "undeclared" funds.

Severino Motta 2 years ago

No, The Soccer Team That Lost 19 In A Plane Crash Won't Be Fined For Not Playing The Finale

Reports are circulating that Chapecoense are being fined nearly $30,000 for failing to field a team in the finals after losing 19 players in the deadly plane crash last month.

Tanya Chen 2 years ago

These Photos Show The Commotion In Chapecó After The Tragedy In Colombia

As soon as the crash of Chapecoense's plane was confirmed, hundreds of fans gathered at the team's stadium to mourn.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

The Top Fake News Stories Outperformed Real News About A Major Scandal In Brazil, Too

The top 10 false news stories about a major political scandal rocking Brazil had more Facebook engagement than the top 10 real news articles, according to an analysis by BuzzFeed Brazil.

Alexandre Aragão 2 years ago

Facebook Deleted A Parody Account To Avoid Being Blocked In Brazil

The decision to take down a satirical page and hand over the owner's IP address came after a court threatened to temporarily block the site throughout Brazil.

Hayes Brown 3 years ago

Brazilian Senate Impeaches President Dilma Rousseff, Removing Her From Office

The trial, spurred by a corruption scandal, lasted seven days.

Tatiana Farah 3 years ago

Brazilian Police Charge Ryan Lochte Over False Robbery Story

Brazilian police on Thursday formally charged Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who will be summoned back to Rio to testify.

Claudia Koerner 3 years ago

Four US Swimmers To Face Disciplinary Committee Over False Robbery Story

The International Olympic Committee will investigate Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers who fabricated a story about being held up at gunpoint.

Jim Dalrymple II 3 years ago

Here's The Story Behind That Viral Olympics Rugby Proposal

Izzy Cerullo spoke to BuzzFeed Brazil about how she met her fiancée, her experience in her sport, and how the viral photo of her kiss can inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin.

Alexandre Aragão 3 years ago

US Swimmer Leaves Brazil After Paying $11,000 Over Robbery Scandal

The agreement for Olympian Jimmy Feigen to leave the country came following a four-hour meeting with Brazilian authorities.

Alexandre Aragão 3 years ago

This Little Girl's Reaction To Her Idol Winning The Gold Medal Is What The Olympics Are All About

BuzzFeed News headed to the "City of God" neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and talked to some awesome little fighters about judo champ Rafaela Silva's big win this week.

Ryan Broderick 3 years ago
Ryan Broderick 3 years ago

This Map Shows How The Olympic Torch's Route Dodged Poor People

Big cities with a lot of people but a low standard of living were left off the route, while smaller – and richer – cities made the cut.

Alexandre Aragão 3 years ago