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    12 Jokes That Twitter Has Already Made About The Historic Privacy Verdict

    "When history of #RightToPrivacy as a fundamental right will be written, Prime Minister Modi's name will figure right on top (As the head of the govt. that OPPOSED it and lost 9-0 in Supreme Court)."

    On Aug 24, the Supreme Court passed a judgement that privacy is a fundamental right for every Indian.

    The case was put forth after petitions were filed to challenge the government ordering the mandatory use of Aadhaar cards. The Supreme Court released a statement saying: "Right to Privacy is an integral part of Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed in Article 21 of the Constitution."

    And while most of us have just heaved a sigh of relief, Twitter has started making jokes as usual.


    Interviewer: Tell me something about yourself. Me: Can't tell you. Privacy is my fundamental right Interviewer: Job chahiye ya nahi saale


    ma: where u going? who u going with? when will u come home? u have to tell me me: well, actually, a 9-judge bench has unanimously declared–





    We Beat Up RSS Goons In Private Because It Is Our Fundamental Right Now


    Can I wave copies of judgement in the face of banks, Airtel and school?


    #RightToPrivacy a fundamental right: Supreme Court *Conditions apply: Govt


    Twitter: Yay. But don't yay till you see reasonable restrictions. But also yay because fundamental right anyhow. But also, oh look at kitte


    Supreme Court is making history. Years later they could be removed from textbooks though.


    SC taking down the government's arguments like #RighToPrivacy


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