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This Girl Fractured Her Neck And Her Friends Cheered Her Up In The Most Incredible Way

Would your friends do this for you?

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Garima decided to chill at home on her 28th birthday as she couldn't party with her friends anyway. But one of her friends randomly called her and told her to dress up for a surprise, she told BuzzFeed.

Garima Gakhar

Garima refused to come out with her friends as she was "paranoid about going to crowded places" since the accident but her friends convinced her.


"As I entered the venue I saw a big table of people wearing neck braces and I had the biggest smile on my face. I entered and they all got up and started singing 'Happy Birthday'," she added.

Garima said that she was ecstatic to see her friends supporting her. "Seeing their dumb faces with neck braces, we all laughed about it," she said.

Garima Gakhar

"They started telling me how uncomfortable the neck braces were but the fact that they thought about me not feeling like shit on my birthday was unbelievable!"