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33 Ridiculously Comfy Dresses You Could Totally Sleep In

From work to happy hour to bed. Repeat. Living the dream!

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1. This sporty number because you and I both know you've said "I wish I could wear my hoodie and no pants out in public." You're welcome.

3. A sassy swing dress that's basically just a super roomy, longer tank. Aka, it's perfect.


5. A tee dress with plenty of room to move...just in case you toss and turn. A lot.


8. A loose tunic with enough pizzazz so no one'll suspect you slept in it last night.

10. A wrap look you can wear to work and snooze in during your lunch break with your office door closed. Jk. Please don't sleep at work.


13. A casual T-shirt frock you can get away with wearing in so many ways.

15. A silky kimono dangerously close to your actual robe you nod off in all the damn time.


17. A voluminous maxi that sorta looks like you got tangled up in your fitted sheet...but in a way street style photographers would champion.

19. A charming tasseled midi you can wear on all sorts of red eyes to tropical locales...or at least prance around town in to make it *look* like you live that kind of life.


21. This oversize sweatshirt that's more or less a fashionable blanket. With pockets!


24. A lacy mini in T-shirt fabric befitting a total snooze fest.

27. This cheery frock ~perfectly~ toes the line between chic and crawling into bed after a boozy brunch.


29. A camo T-shirt for some incognito Zs.

31. A floral gem takes the guesswork out of mixing patterns.