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21 Situations That Are Sure To Give Almost Everyone A Mini Heart Attack

If your heart rate doesn't rise while you read this, then, sorry, you're an alien.

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1. Waiting to see "APPROVED" pop up after you tap your debit card, even if you know your account has enough money.

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2. Turning off all the lights and having to quickly bolt to the safety of your bedroom.


3. Hearing your doorbell ring when you're not expecting anyone or anything to arrive.

4. And seeing a random call from an unknown number in the middle of the day.

5. Driving in the rain and noticing your windscreen wipers are going faster than everyone else.


6. And getting stuck driving right next to a truck on a highway for more than 10 seconds.

7. Having someone ask you a question then immediately say "actually, don't worry" with absolutely no explanation.


8. Struggling to understand what someone said after you've already asked them to repeat themselves twice.


9. Ordering food for someone picky and having to just wait to see if the place actually customised it correctly or not.

10. Using a public bathroom and hearing someone fiddle with the lock to check if anyone's inside.

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11. And trying to silently poop in a public bathroom so no one knows you're actually pooping.

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12. Hearing someone else's music playing through their headphones and wondering if everyone can hear yours too.

13. Seeing literally any message request on your social media accounts.

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14. Or looking at a bunch of missed calls from your mum.

15. Calling in sick for work when you're actually sick but thinking your boss will assume you're lying.

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16. Showing someone a photo on your phone and having them start swiping right.

17. Or having someone hover their finger dangerously close to the heart button while you're showing them something on Instagram.

18. Trying on clothes in a change room and not being able to take them off your body.


19. Attempting to quickly shove your change into your wallet while the person in line behind you inches closer and closer.

20. Holding someone's spot in line and noticing that it's starting to move faster and faster.


21. And worst of all, seeing the check-out line get shorter and having your mum still not return with the milk she was "just grabbing quickly".

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This post was inspired by this Reddit thread.