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    19 Gorgeous Planners That'll Almost Make You Want To Work

    Because making lists is the best form of procrastination.

    1. A pocket-sized Lilly Pullitzer so you're never without your trusty lists.

    2. A blooming book that'll make mundane tasks suddenly feel ~rosy~.

    3. A burst of orange to reenergize you, even during all-nighters.

    4. A stylish agenda with stickers for all occasions from "workout" to "play hooky."

    5. A swirling datebook that keeps everything in order so you can feel grounded.

    6. A metallic journalβ€”at least all of your problems will be trendily stored.

    7. A floral planner with plenty of writing room.

    8. A classic Lilly Pulitzer that'll never fail to miraculously make organizing fun.

    9. A mini constellation to guide your way to productivity.

    10. A striped journal with hourly planning so you're never too overwhelmed.

    11. A cute group of cacti so work isn't quite as ~prickly~.

    12. A playful pineapple to sweeten upcoming tasks.

    13. A ~universally pleasing~ notebook with gorgeous zodiac artwork.

    14. A tropical escape from dreaded to-dos.

    15. A DIY illustration planner so you can doodle away the stress.

    16. A cheerful design with plenty of stickers and words of encouragement (if you're still a child at heart but sadly have responsibilities).

    17. A chic go-getter who'll inspire you to get out of bed before noon.

    18. A botanical agenda so your goals never wither.

    19. Some peppy illustrations because a boring agenda means something is going to be forgotten (definitely your parents' anniversary).

    Suddenly work doesn't that seem that bad.