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19 Gorgeous Planners That'll Almost Make You Want To Work

Because making lists is the best form of procrastination.

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1. A pocket-sized Lilly Pullitzer so you're never without your trusty lists.

2. A blooming book that'll make mundane tasks suddenly feel ~rosy~.

Promising Review: "This is my favorite planner EVER. It is so easy to keep everything together and organized. I wouldn't spend this kind of money on something like this unless it was THAT good." —olivia

Get it on Amazon for $30.94.


4. A stylish agenda with stickers for all occasions from "workout" to "play hooky."

Promising Review: " I love, love, love this planner — not only is it really cute, but it's also very functional. There's plenty of room to jot down notes and view my schedule by a month view, week view, and day view. The gold stickers are a nice touch, and the interior pocket is useful, as well." —amandaaaaa

Get it on Kate Spade New York for $36.

5. A swirling datebook that keeps everything in order so you can feel grounded.

Promising Review: "I've been using this thing three years running now. I love that there is a full two-page spread for each month with enough room in each day's box to write in my schedule and one or two notes. If that's not enough room, each monthly spreadsheet is followed by awesome lined pages set up by each day so that if a day needs more notes, you can continue your thought there." —Kindle Customer

Get it on Amazon for $16.95.

6. A metallic journal—at least all of your problems will be trendily stored.


8. A classic Lilly Pulitzer that'll never fail to miraculously make organizing fun.

9. A mini constellation to guide your way to productivity.

Promising Review: "I love the idea that it is reusable for many years and not just another throwaway item. With this planner, you simply put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and all the writing disappears if you have written in it with Pilot Flexion pens!" —Marilyn K.

Get it on Amazon for $35.95.

10. A striped journal with hourly planning so you're never too overwhelmed.

Promising Review: "I love this planner so much. The hourly planning has changed my life. I struggle with staying on task without jumping from one task to another, so if you're like me, a planner like this to help block out your time will help so much." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $17+ (available in two sizes).

11. A cute group of cacti so work isn't quite as ~prickly~.

Promising Review: "This planner is gorgeous, and I am really excited to use it! Love that it has enough space, isn't too bulky, and the sections it includes: budget tracker, bucket list, to do and not to do, and the color coded 'rate your year.'" —Melissa

Get it on Amazon for $17.99 (available in four styles).


12. A playful pineapple to sweeten upcoming tasks.

Promising Review: "This is a great planner. As a college student, I have a lot to do and a lot to keep track of. I have used this planner for the last year, and I love it! It has a lot of space for me to write in every day, and it has lots of extras that help you complete your goals. I love that it prompts me to make goals every month and then talk about if I accomplished them at the end." —Megan Doolan

Get it on Amazon for $16.95.

13. A ~universally pleasing~ notebook with gorgeous zodiac artwork.

Promising Review: "I really love this agenda. I get excited just to write something down! It starts at the perfect time of August, so you don't end up having to waste pages until 2018! The art work is so pretty, and there's plenty of space to write also a lot of notes pages!" —libra001997

Get it on Kate Spade New York for $36.

14. A tropical escape from dreaded to-dos.

Promising Review: "I am in love with this planner!!! I am a freak about organization, and this has really allowed me to keep my life together beautifully. I used a bloom planner last year for my nursing school and work schedule, and I can't tell you how amazing it was. The design is gorgeous, and it really allows for you to be able to write down ANYTHING that you need to remember." —Devon

Get it on Amazon for $16.95.

15. A DIY illustration planner so you can doodle away the stress.

Promising Review: "You can personalise the cover however you like (can can color it in or even remove it and insert your own photos!) It's perfect to keep me organized when college is in session!" —Danae97

Get it on Amazon for $20.80.


16. A cheerful design with plenty of stickers and words of encouragement (if you're still a child at heart but sadly have responsibilities).

Promising Review: "I'm gonna be real here. I'm a 32-year-old-woman, and this is probably marketed more toward younger women, but whatever. It's perfect. I'm in love with this planner. My boss got one and I fell in love with it and had to have one too. I love the quirky stickers and the little notes scattered through the pages. I love the at-a-glance monthly calendars and daily spaces for writing. There's also pretty extensive space for notes throughout." —Tiffany Marie

Get it on Amazon for $29.97.

17. A chic go-getter who'll inspire you to get out of bed before noon.

Promising Review: "I really love this little planner. There are many different cute, colorful cover choices. With monthly and weekly two-part spreads, it was easy to personalize the pages. Extras include goal-setting and goal-reflection pages, monthly tabs, class schedules for three terms, notes pages, and to-do list pages." —slmar

Get it on Amazon for $10.95.

18. A botanical agenda so your goals never wither.

Promising Review: "Love the monthly section that spreads each month over two pages for a larger view. Also, each day has lines with boxes to check off which is great for people like me who love to make lists." —Courtney

Get it on Amazon for $34.

19. Some peppy illustrations because a boring agenda means something is going to be forgotten (definitely your parents' anniversary).

Promising Review: "This planner is very large and easy to organize busy days. The colors are fantastic, and the pocket in the front can fit a whole sheet of paper. I would definitely get this planner again next year." —Aspen

Get it on Amazon for $35.