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19 Things You'd Be Way Happier About If You Lived In Sheffield

You might actually be able to afford a house.

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2. Clearer air could also mean clearer skin.

my skin has been clear all of this academic year and now i've left sheffield i suddenly have two spots. coincidence? i think not

Who doesn't want the skin of a toddler?

3. Oh, and your chances of getting an *actual pet* would drastically improve.

Instagram: @dogcalledred

All that extra green space means one thing to many of us... GETTING A DOG.

4. Your vocabulary will probably be way better than it is now.

Domino Recording Company

In 2006, the Arctic Monkeys brought the term "mardy bum" to the masses and we are forever grateful. Move here and it can be yours, too.


5. Like coffee? We're the cheapest place in England to buy a cup of the precious stuff.

Instagram: @topcoffeespot

Your morning cappucino on the way to work could become a tradition, not a treat.

6. Your social life could also drastically improve, seeing as you'd actually be able to afford to do fun stuff.

Flickr: 17989497@N00 / Creative Commons

Because cheap beer on roof terraces, eggs benedict in niche eateries, and nightclub entry that doesn't make you want to go home early is a very normal thing here.

7. We also have a ridiculous amount of cinemas, meaning some are pretty competitive with their prices.

Sheffield has a Curzon, Odeon, Cineworld, Showroom, Vue, The Light… Yup, they're all here.

8. Your daily commute would probably be much better too, because of the tram system.

Flickr: 17989497@N00 / Creative Commons / Twitter: @ashtoncarteruk

They don't call it the Supertram for nothing. You could say "ta ta" to standstill rush hour traffic on the motorway for good.


9. You'd also be WAY happier about how much rent you were paying.

@rosieswash The idea that £822/m is cheap makes me feel light-headed. You could rent my entire 5 bed house in Sheffield for £60 p/m more!

Move from the likes of Leeds or York and you could save hundreds each year. Relocate from London, and you're talking thousands. THOUSANDS.

10. This also means that your home-owning prospects are likely to be way brighter.

Flickr: 86707777@N00 / Creative Commons

Bigger rooms, fancier fittings, a driveway, a garden, a garage, a Pinterest-worthy kitchen island… more affordable house prices mean ALL this stuff is in reach.

11. Oh, and whether you live in a rental or your own place, your views could be dazzling.

We're a city of hills, hills, and more hills, meaning loads of our house look out at utterly gorgeous views.


14. All of these perks will probably make you a chirpier person.

People in Sheffield are so nice. It's like Scotland went for therapy.

Learn that it's kind, not creepy, to smile at people on the street.

16. Going back to the more practical stuff, you'd be well placed for speedy access to loads of good places.

Flickr: fire_up_the_quattro / Creative Commons

Leeds, York, and Manchester in under an hour; Liverpool, Birmingham, and Newcastle in under two hours; and an extra two minutes can get you to London.


17. Your motivation to get fit would also improve, given how beautiful our surroundings are.

Instagram: @toryas

Climbing a sheer rock face is way more appealing when the view looks like ^that^ right?