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August 3, 2017

Here's How A Grand Jury Works

If President Trump were to oust special counsel Robert Mueller, it wouldn't automatically disband any grand jury that Mueller and his team had convened.

Republicans To Trump: Don't Blame Us, Blame Putin

Republicans in Congress pushed back on Thursday against Trump's tweeted claim that they are responsible for poor US–Russia relations. “If only that outrage was directed at Putin, the murderous dictator who attacked our democracy."

When Is It OK To Talk About The Statue Of Liberty At CNN?

CNN executives have discussed giving Jim Acosta — who argued over immigration with White House adviser Stephen Miller at Wednesday’s briefing — an anchor position or his own show as the network rethinks its programming and format in the Trump era.

So You’ve Been Deported To Mexico. Now What?

Detentions by ICE are up 38%, and removals are expected to rise, but Mexican border cities like Nogales aren't prepared for the influx of new, struggling residents. BuzzFeed News talked to the deportees and the volunteers helping keep them alive.

Flash Briefing For August 3, 2017

What you need to know about HBO’s “Confederate,” CBS execs maybe don’t know what diverse means, and the new movie “Detroit” is causing a lot of controversy.