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16 Entirely Bollocks Pieces Of Advice About The Edinburgh Festival

Do: Disguise yourself as a castle. Don't: Push tourists under a bus.

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1. DO: Run to the shops on day one and stockpile essential items like petrol, water, canned goods, and houmous.

Str / AFP / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

All of these things will run out almost immediately, especially the houmous.

2. DO: Disguise yourself as a tourist attraction, and then charge visitors money to look at you.

Ridofranz / / Creative Commons

This hack has been working for Londoners for centuries. Big Ben is actually a tall guy from Enfield called Bigjamin Benjamin.


3. DO: Exchange your normal clothes for a zorb ball. / Creative Commons

Travelling will become a breeze once you can bounce aside all the street performers and herds of students publicising their am-dram show about Brexit.

DON'T: Attempt to leave the city, it isn't safe.

AMC / BuzzFeed

At this time of year the city's perimeter is ringed by feral ex-reality show contestants trying to get in. If you leave, they'll eat you, or (worse) force you to buy their album.

4. DO: Change your Facebook status to "dead" so acquaintances don't try to crash on your sofa.

Jpwallet / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Being legally dead also has all kinds of advantages. You pay less tax, for a start.

DON'T: Rent out your house to your favourite comedian.

Comedy Central / BuzzFeed

Remember uni? They'll just use up your shampoo, nick your food, and leave poo in the toilet. You won't be able to watch them on 8 Out Of 10 Cats ever again.


DON'T: Be tempted to actually go and see anything.

Twitter: @AltComMemSoc / BuzzFeed

Remember that time Brian from accounts recommended a show and you went to see it? It wasn't good, was it? You won't make that mistake again. Fuck you, Brian.


7. DO: Get out your "OUT OF THE WAY I FUCKING LIVE HERE" badge and push to the front of bus queues.

Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Haven't been issued with your badge yet? That's because they don't exist. Make one for yourself out of an old paper plate, a safety pin, and blood-red ink.

8. DO: Dress in a wanky costume everywhere you go so flyerers think you're one of them and avoid you.

Flickr: mrflip / Creative Commons

It helps if you also carry some leaflets with you at all times. In fact, just sign up to become a "promotional marketing distributor". At least then you'll get paid for it.

DON'T: Turn into one of those grumpy sods who just spend all of August complaining about the festival.

Flickr: asturdesign / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

It’s actually pretty cool when you think about it. So strap on your zorb ball, lie to some tourists, and go and see a terrible Free Fringe show about avocados.