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    These Celebs Were Photoshopped With Short Natural Hair And They Look So Damn Good

    Good luck picking a favorite!!!

    So, we're all familiar with Rihanna, queen of the hair switch-up, right? Here's just a taste of the iconic ~lewks~ she's served throughout the years.

    Getty Images

    The style icon has rocked long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, red hair, blonde hair, mohawks, faux locs...we could seriously be here all day.

    But there's one style we've never seen her rock...until now. Behold, Rihanna, slayer of the big chop!!! The graphic design company FyBCraft recently released this masterpiece on its Instagram page.

    FyB Craft / Via Instagram: @fybcraft

    "I was inspired by Rihanna! I love her music, her style, and her personality," FyB Craft told BuzzFeed. "So, I thought of doing something great for her and was inspired to feature more celebrities along the way."

    FyB Craft / haircut by @stepthebarber / Via Instagram: @fybcraft

    The Nigeria-based graphic designer recently posted some hair transformation images of other celebs like Beyoncé on his Instagram page FyBCraft, after which they went viral thanks to reposts from The Shade Room and other blogs. For this sickening image of Bey, he photoshopped the star's face onto a photo of a client styled by Stephan aka Step the Barber of Atlanta.

    The series also includes Nicki, whose low-cut fade is absolute perfection...

    FyB Craft / Via Instagram: @fybcraft

    ...Cardi B, who looks so gatdamn powerful with these poppin coils...

    FyB Craft / Via Instagram: @fybcraft

    ...And Alicia, whose cheekbones are on 100 with this two-toned cropped 'do.

    FyB Craft / Via Instagram: @fybcraft

    But let's be real, people. ARE WE EVEN SURPRISED BY THIS SLAYAGE???

    Genius / Via

    Check out the the full series, which also includes Ashanti, Lala and more, here.


    The image credits in this post have been updated to accurately reflect the name of the creator.