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    18 Secrets Bartenders Want You To Know

    They really don't like making mojitos.

    We recently asked bartenders from the BuzzFeed Community to share on-the-job secrets. Here are their best responses:

    1. Less ice does not mean more alcohol.

    2. If you want to be served first all night in a crowded bar, tip well on your first order.

    3. It pays to be a regular. (And it's quite easy to get to that level.)

    4. This is what happens when you ask for "a strong one."

    5. They know exactly how much you've had to drink.

    6. If you're in a crowded bar, do not order a martini.

    7. And don't be surprised if your bartender is "out of mint."

    8. Don't flirt with the bartender, for the love of God.

    9. This is how they actually make tropical drinks.

    10. Don't leave your number on the "merchant copy" receipt.

    11. When the lights come on, please leave.

    12. If you do something weird, the entire bar staff will know about it in less than five minutes.

    13. But this is how much you should tip in general.

    14. Don't wave your money to get a bartender's attention.

    15. Don't use terms like "honey" or "sweetie" to get the attention of a female bartender.

    16. This is what bartenders do when they go out to drink.

    17. Please unfold your cash.

    18. These are the three easy steps to being the best customer.

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