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    18 Easy-To-Clean Kitchen Tools You'll Use Over And Over Again

    Because what good is a gadget you'll never wanna clean?! The products in this post were updated in August 2018.

    1. A manual juicer with a wide range of motion that'll make cleaning it by hand or in the dishwasher easy as pie.

    2. A twistable whisk so you can get ALL up in its nooks and crannies.

    3. An immersion blender set to easily blend, mix, whip, puree, and chop without waiting around for a stand-up mixer bowl to soak in the sink.

    4. A produce dicer that'll make onion tears and food prep mess a thing of the past!

    5. A cutting board set includes a bamboo board and flexible cutting mats you can set on top so you don't ~actually~ have to wash the wood board as often.

    6. A George Foreman grill with removable, non-stick plate grills that'll be way less unwieldy to clean than taking a paper towel to the OG version.

    7. This simple all-in-one egg separator that won't hog all the room in the top rack of your dishwasher.

    8. A dome juicer with a detachable pour-spout base allowing for plenty of room to scrub away the sticky.

    9. A 3-in-1 bench scraper set great for splitting dough, scraping chopped veggies into a skillet, and a number of prep tasks doesn't require hand washing 🙏.

    10. A squeegee measuring cup built for giving correct measurements on the stickiest of ingredients...which means you won't have to soak it to get the gook off afterward.

    11. This cold-brew maker equipped with a coffee infuser you can *easily* wash -- aka, no need for paper filters!

    12. A spiralizer with three blades for achieving the perfect spirals -- and then popping the components in the wash while you chow down.

    13. A single-serving blender because you don't have time for the nonsense of washing out a regular-size model.

    14. A 3-in-1 herb-roller designed with a retractable blade for safe storage and easy clean up. It strips herbs from their stems, it minces them up, and it scrapes them all together.

    15. This pizza cutter with a removable wheel...all the better to wash off the gooky cheese.

    16. A Frywall made to protect yourself and your kitchen from unwanted stains and splatters while you cook on the highest heats!

    17. An ~incredibly helpful~ cookie scoop in case you haven't mastered the two-spoon trick.

    18. A garlic press with a flip-up basket to help you get out all the tiny bits.

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