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Sachin Finally Attended The Rajya Sabha And People Marked This Blue Moon With Much Hilarity

Sachin at the Rajya Sabha is me at 9 a.m. lectures.

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Sachin Tendulkar may be great at many things, but the man is a notorious slacker when it comes to showing up at the Rajya Sabha.

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Since being nominated in 2012, his attendance has been less than 10%. I had a better percentage in my last semester at college, and attendance wasn't even compulsory then.

Earlier this week, fellow MP Naresh Agrawal called his laziness out, and Tendulkar was finally forced to attend a session today.

Sachin Tendulkar attended Rajya Sabha proceedings today.

And the rare sight didn't escape anyone's attention.

Paavam Sachin. Looks like a Monday in school for him.

The pain of being made to go somewhere he didn't wanna was almost too obvious on his face.

When you had plans with friends but parents take you to Satsang.


And all too relatable for people not to meme.

When teacher says 75% attendence is necessary

So meme they did.

RARE EVENTS PIC 1: Water found on Mars PIC 2: Sachin found sitting at Rajya Sabha

And they made jokes.

*Rajyasabha* Sachin- I want to speak Speaker- Bolo Sachin- My movie will be available on Amazon Prime from next week Speaker - 😢🙏

Many, many jokes.

When there's compulsory attendance for pre-placement talks in B-Schools.


When you're just pissed off in the lecture and then the teacher says, agla lecture bhi mera hi hoga

And, to be perfectly fair, Sachin kinda brought this upon himself.

When you don't attend classes,you don't have anyone to sit next to.

Less than 10% attendance, dude.