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Here Are 7 Products We Tried And Are Worth Your Money

Treat yourself without any buyer's remorse.

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All prices in this post are quoted in Australian dollars.

1. Sportsgirl Eye Palette in Burgundy – $19.95

Look, I’m just a sucker for any eyeshadow palette that’s got a nice matte red shade. I love reds on the eyes because I feel it really compliments any skin tone, so when I saw this palette I was excited. The colours in it are a pretty close dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Burgundy Palette but at a fraction of the cost. While some of the shadows can be kinda powdery, all the colours are really pigmented and blend out easily. And, even though they spelled “Bye Felicia” as “Bye Fleicia”, the palette is still heaps good and well worth the money. – Michelle Rennex

2. Cotton On Body leggings – $39.95

Jemima Skelley

As someone who wears activewear like 90% of the time, I'm always on the lookout for good leggings. I want ones that are tight and suck me in, without actually restricting my movement. Obviously, Lorna Jane and Lululemon provide the goods, but I find it hard to justify dropping $100+ on a pair of leggings, no matter how good they are. When I bought this pair from Cotton On, I was doubtful that a pair of $40 tights would meet my strict criteria, but boy was I wrong. They're flexible enough that I can jump around the gym in them, and they're fashionable enough that I can wear them out as part of a normal outfit. Plus, they don't go see through when I bend over. I've had them for about three months now, and have washed them at least 15 times with no change in the material quality. – Jemima Skelley

3. Lush Mouthwash Tabs – $11.95

Michelle Rennex

I love when my mouth feels fresh. I brush my teeth often but usually skip on mouthwash because a lot of them tend to be too spicy. When I found these little mouthwash tablets, I was intrigued. I was surprised when I tried them out because they really packed a minty punch, but were still tolerable because they have a hint of sweetness. Plus, the fact that they’re dry and tiny means they can fit in all my bags and I don’t have to deal with the fear of them spilling in my bag. I approve of these lil’ tablets a whole lot! – Michelle


4. Clinique Matte Lip Colour in Ruby Pop – $40

Yes, I realise that $40 is WAY steep for a lipstick. But believe me, I would not be recommending it if I didn't think it was worth the price. Somehow, this magic lipstick has amazing staying power, but isn't thick or dry like other long-stay lipsticks. If I apply this in the morning, it'll last for most of the day. Sure, it fades a little, but not to the point where it looks bad and I have to reapply. I have tried a lot of long-lasting lipsticks in my times, including ones from L'Oreal, Kylie Cosmetics, Colourpop, Stila, and MAC, and this is the best one I've used so far. – Jemima

5. Face Halo Makeup Remover Wipes – $27 for three

I was certainly dubious when I first tried this, because I know that it's impossible to get off all your makeup with just water. Believe me, I've tried. But somehow this magic disc works. It actually works even better than my usual ritual of sorbolene on a washcloth. I recently went on a trip, and it was so handy to just bring one Face Halo than have to lug along makeup remover as well. PLUS, I used it after going to a wedding when I had on a full face of makeup, and it got everything off. Extremely impressive. I find they're really good for taking to the gym if I'm going at lunchtime or after work and end up with sweaty mascara all down my face. After a few uses, just whack them in the washing machine and you're good to go again! – Jemima

6. French Green Clay Powder – $7.59

I'm a huge fan of face masks, as they make me feel hella deluxe. Mud and clay masks are all the rage at the moment, and when I went into a fancy skincare store recently I saw they were selling ~deconstructed masks~... basically just powder that you have to add your own water to. Instead of paying $22 for a tiny test tube of clay powder, I found this tub online for less than $10 including shipping. There are also heaps on Amazon if you're not in Australia. It's so easy to use – just mix a spoonful of powder with a little water, then lather on your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes and you've got yourself some fresh-ass skin. – Jemima

7. Loving Earth Chocolate – $4+

Recently I've stopped eating dairy because it really fucks me up. I feel 100% better but I miss chocolate and ice cream like you wouldn't believe. I recently found this dairy-free chocolate in a health food shop, and it took all my restraint not to buy every single box in the store. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and organic, and honestly tastes amazing. It doesn't leave a sickly feeling in my mouth and stomach like normal processed chocolate does. Admittedly, it's pretty pricey, but in a way that's a good thing because I'm a lot less likely to eat a whole block if it costs $7. I've found it for cheaper in bulk food stores like The Source and also on Sprout Market (which is like a wholefoods Costco). They've also got a huge range of flavours – salted caramel is a must-try. – Jemima

Just FYI, the Lush tablets and Clinique lipstick were provided to BuzzFeed free-of-charge, but with no guarantee of a positive review.