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    21 School Supplies Almost Too Adorable To Use

    The supplies have eyes.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    I haven't needed a protractor in many years, but every August, I'm still overcome by the urge to stock up on pencil sharpeners and Trapper-Keepers.

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    PSA: In case your back-to-school shopping needs are more complicated than mine (Does it look like a bird? Okay, I'm buying it), you can shop by searching for your teacher's back-to-school list at Jet. You can also view for the most commonly required school supplies by grade on Jet or Amazon.

    And if you'd like a side of (a)cuteness with your geometry, we've got some ideas.

    1. A friendly monster who will keep your pencils safe (in its mouth).

    If you want to keep something safe, put it in a mouth.

    Get it at Jet for $5.97.

    **New Jet customers can get 15% off their first three orders over $35 with the promo code SAVE15**

    2. A pencil sharpener and eraser set that's as extra as the guac at Chipotle.

    Anthropomorphization gets me every time.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $13.99.

    3. A binder that'll give you major "Drew Barrymore circa 1995" vibes.

    School daisies!

    Get it at Jet for $8.75.

    4. A burger-shaped bento box, because all foods taste better when eaten out of a burger.

    I only want burger salads from now on.

    Get it at Walmart for $11.10.

    5. Narwhal pushpins that will helpfully stab your papers with their tusks.

    Keep those papers where you can sea them.

    Get them at the Paper Source for $9.95.

    6. An assignment notebook so pretty it will almost make you forget the horror it contains.

    Sorry, was "horror" too strong? What about "afflictions"?

    Get it at Jet for $18.95.

    7. A laptop sleeve printed with cacti and succulents, to protect your computer from sticky situations.

    Like cacti, laptops require very little water.

    Get it at Society6 for $36.

    8. Insulated mugs that want to be your friends and regulate the temperature of your beverages.

    Get the "funny panda" and "diligent owl" containers at Walmart for $14.50 each.

    9. A homework holder featuring French bulldogs who are good boys and will keep your papers safe.

    You can also personalize this homework holder (will you choose your name, your dog's name, or your future dog's name?) for no extra cost.

    Get it at Pottery Barn Teen for $19.

    10. A Pusheen stationery set, so even when you're studying you won't lose track of what's truly important: snacks.

    You're never too busy for donuts.

    Get it at Urban Outfitters for $9.95.

    11. Unicorn folders, because some classes require a little extra magic.

    Don't let Government dull your sparkle.

    Get it a set of two at the Paper Source for $9.95.

    12. A set of woodland creature pencils that want to frolic all over your math homework.

    They like to eat berries and square roots.

    Get them at Walmart for $6.45.

    13. Bunny scissors, because you can't spell "cute" without "cut".

    Get them from PandaPenShot on Etsy in multiple colors for $4.07.

    14. Penguin stickies that will chill in your books.

    Why dog-ear your pages when you can penguin-face them?

    Get them from DubuDomo on Etsy for $3.50.

    15. Or if (allegedly) mythical cuties are more your bag, these Loch Ness Monster page markers are up to the task.

    She's real, and she is adorable.

    Get them at Jet for $7.10.

    16. Animal-shaped paperclips that want your papers to join their pack.

    Homework is a pack animal.

    Get them at Jet for $11.99.

    17. A flamingo tape dispenser, because flamingos make everything, from lawns to tape, more adorable.

    Birds of a feather keep papers together.

    Get it at Paperchase for $8.95.

    18. A sloth notebook, to remind you to take all the time you need.

    I may look drowsy, but I have a rich inner life.

    Get it on Amazon for $4.49.

    19. A cheery planner that will instill all the confidence in the world in you.

    It'll brighten your day even as it reminds you of all the assignments you have to finish.

    Get it at ASOS for $16.

    20. Smiley binder clips that will help you keep it together.

    These are like Clippy without the commentary.

    Get a pack of 40 on Amazon for $5.73.

    21. A gold dachshund stapler, in case your back-to-school shopping happens to coincide with Treat Yo' Self 2017.

    Why shouldn't your stapler also be a good boy?

    Get it at Anthropologie for $26.

    No, Brandon, you may not borrow my stapler.

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