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    20 Things From Amazon That French Bulldog Owners Swear By

    Our wrinkly, smushed-faced, pointy-eared BFF deserves only the best.

    1. Some wrinkle wipes to apply in your Frenchie's skin folds to prevent infection and irritation. As cute as their wrinkles are, they can get very irritated, and this will help make them more comfortable.

    2. A dog bed with high walls and a sherpa fabric so your French bulldog can cuddle up in a cute little ball and snooze the day away. The bed has a waterproof bottom and is machine-washable, so any accidents are a breeze to clean up.

    3. A slow feeder dog bowl to keep your fast-eating pup from gobbling down all their food in five seconds flat. The intricate design forces them to slow down, therefore preventing that unwanted bloating, gas, and vomiting that comes with fast eating.

    4. Or this slanted pet bowl that helps your dog reach all of their food. Frenchies have notoriously flat snouts, so by bringing their food a little closer to them, they won't have to work as hard to get every last piece of kibble.

    5. A very fashionable bomber jacket so your dog will be the best-looking, coziest canine on the block. Due to their short coats, French bulldogs can get cold very easily in the winter, so this will keep them warm during your daily walks.

    6. An adjustable dog harness if your Frenchie tends to pull and tug on their leash whenever you take them for a walk. This harness perfectly accommodates their stocky but short body and it won't ride up and choke them on walks.

    7. A tub of nose butter designed to moisturize and soften a French bulldog's cracked and irritated nose. Frenchies are prone to developing nasal hyperkeratosis (aka dry nose), so you'll want to apply this all-natural formula on a regular basis to prevent that dreaded crustiness.

    8. A car seat to keep your dog safe and secure as you drive around. It's extra padded to keep them comfortable even through sharp turns or sudden stops.

    9. A hide-a-squirrel plush toy that your dog will become obsessed with as they search for the cute 'lil squirrels tucked inside the log.

    french bulldog playing with hide a squirrel toy

    10. A bag of Royal Canin dog food formulated to meet the nutritional needs of French bulldog puppies. It'll help develop good digestive health, make their skin healthy, and support their immune system during that critical first year.

    bag of royal canin dog food

    11. And this dog food from Blue Buffalo that fits your French bulldog's nutritional needs as they get older. It's high-protein, made with real meat, and contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

    a bag of blue buffalo dog food in chicken and brown rice recipe

    12. A dog raincoat because we all know that French bulldogs can be stubborn, so if they refuse to go outside when it's raining, throw this cute raincoat on them to keep them dry and happy.

    13. A set of squeaky plush toys that come in cute woodland animal designs. It doesn't contain any stuffing, so if your Frenchie gets a bit rough with toys (as they often do!), you don't have to worry about fluff exploding all over your house.

    14. A hydrating lotion to apply all over your dog's body to keep their skin moisturized and their coat looking healthy and smelling great. Frenchies are prone to dry skin, so you'll want to keep this on hand in case they start itching.

    Dog licking the bottle

    15. A lightweight dog water bottle with a built-in cap that acts as a water bowl on-the-go. You don't want your Frenchie getting dehydrated on long walks!

    16. A bottle of stain-and-odor eliminator that you should always have on hand in case your adorable, wrinkly four-legged friend leaves a not-so-adorable, smelly mess on the carpet.

    17. A set of fetch balls with lots of holes that allow air flow. Because French bulldogs have smushed noses, they primarily breathe out of their mouths, so this ball is necessary to keep air pumping into their lungs as they run around with a ball in their mouth.

    chuck it orange breathe right balls

    18. A pack of grooming wipes to freshen up your dog in between baths. You should only bathe your French bulldog once every one to two months, so if they come into the house with dirty paws, you can use these to clean them instead of throwing them in the bathtub.

    french bulldog puppy next to a pack of grooming wipes

    19. A classic Kong toy with a hollow center you can stuff with peanut butter or their favorite treat. Give this to your French bulldog and sit back and relax while they try to get every last morsel of food out of it.

    20. A box of strong, thick, leakproof poop bags from Earth Rated because you've been burned one too many times when using a flimsy plastic bag to pick up your Frenchie's poop.

    person holding up a leakproof earthrated dog poop bag full of water

    We truly don't deserve how heartbreakingly cute French bulldogs are. 😍

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