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Literally Just The Most Hilarious Twitter Reactions To GCSE Results Day

"You don't fail if you don't open the envelope."

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You probably know that teenagers across the UK are receiving their GCSE results this morning. It's a bit of a nervous time for most, and many of them will have been up all night contemplating, well, all sorts of things.

All year 11's tonight contemplating all the hours We spend looking at memes instead of revising…

But tweeting their nerves away seems to be the best coping mechanism.

is anyone else just aimlessly scrolling and refreshing this hashtag and getting more stressed bc same #GCSEResultsDay2017

Many will walk through the school doors like:

#GCSEResultsDay2017 Me when I walk into school tomorrow:

Me outside of the school hall tomorrow contemplating if i should walk in. #GCSEResultsDay2017

Many teens already know what their reaction will be when they receive their results.

Me when I get my result sheet #GCSEResultsDay2017

Because results day can go one of two ways:

Tommorow is gonna go one of two ways #GCSEResultsDay2017 #gcseresultsday

I'm all ready for tomorrow #GCSEResultsDay2017

However, some have drafted up incredible ways to avoid failing altogether.

You don't fail if you don't open the envelope #GCSEResultsDay2017

Some teens are already anticipating media crews rocking up to their schools to find out their results.

When you're opening your #GCSEResultsDay2017 and the ITV news team approachs you with: "You're on live TV, let's se…

In a few years, when they're legally able to drink, this may be a way they'll deal with results stress.

Some student celebrating A-levels the only way he should live on @GMB #GMB #alevelresultsday #swig

But receiving your results is only one part of GCSE drama: Having to tell your parents is another.

#resultsday #gcseresultsday Me when my parents ask to see the results:

The Year 10 students don't seem to be as bothered, because obviously they can retake the exams next year.

me walking back into a maths classroom for resit lessons in september #gcseresultsday2017

There were some indirects to older people, aka Jeremy Clarkson, who always have "words of wisdom" on results day.

When 50 year olds tweet "I got no GCSEs and I'm fine" aye pal but you weren't born in the 21st century were ya??…

And even some indirects to teachers.

Funny how teachers will take credit for your As but not for your Es. #GCSEResultsDay2017

But if you want some good advice, you can reach out to Heads Together. Good Luck!

Share these tips to reach students that might be struggling with their mental health ahead of #GCSEResultsDay2017