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13 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

An iconic Britney Spears moment kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

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1. In honor of this weekend's VMAs, Britney Spears shared this photo from her classic performance of "I'm a Slave 4 U" at the 2001 ceremony.

Instagram: @britneyspears

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda remembered the time he dressed up like The Crow.

Teenage Goth Phase, blink and you miss it

3. In celebration of his 54th birthday, John Stamos posted this adorable photo of himself as a kid.

Instagram: @johnstamos

4. Barbra Streisand shared this behind-the-scenes costume fitting photo for her film Funny Girl.

Instagram: @barbrastreisand

5. George RR Martin posted this photo from the time he hung out with Quentin Tarantino.

Just two guys who love movies. (Still hoping we can check out each other's theaters one of these days) @qtarantino…

6. Mandy Moore shared her 7th grade photo.

Instagram: @mandymooremm

7. Michelle Trachtenberg posted this photo of her and Joesph Gordon-Levitt hanging out together in 2003.

Instagram: @michelletrachtenberg

8. Speaking of Joesph Gordon-Levitt, he shared a photo of the time he was a guest on The Joan Rivers Show (alongside Holland Taylor) in the early '90s.

The time I was on The Joan Rivers Show.. #TBT

9. Hugh Jackman posted this photo of when he ran track.

Instagram: @thehughjackman

10. Luke Evans shared this photo of himself during his drama school days in the late '90s.

#TBT to my time at London Studio Centre. Not sure why I was giving it full Neo while the rest of the gang were givi…

11. Sarah Michelle Gellar shared some headshots of herself from the early '90s.

Instagram: @sarahmgellar

12. Mark Ruffalo posted this gif from a Clearasil commercial he did in the late '80s.

It’s back to school season! DOUBLE ZAP those zits! #tbt

13. And finally, Elizabeth Banks shared this photo of herself at 14 years old.

Instagram: @elizabethbanks

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