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How Did You Finally Find The Right Therapist For You?

Because sometimes the search is hellish.

Therapy is awesome. Finding a therapist that you click with...well, that's a little bit more daunting.

On the one hand, there are logistical things — like narrowing down your options, navigating insurance or lack thereof, finding someone who's actually accepting patients, etc.

On the other, there are more ~personal~ things to worry about — like deciding what makes a good match, dealing with the frustration of the lengthy search, etc.

So, we want to know: If you finally found a therapist you really love, what advice would you pass on to people who are still looking?

Maybe you have some online resources that have been lifesaving.

Or maybe you started treating finding a therapist like dating and tried a bunch of different potential matches.

Maybe you learned what questions were most helpful to ask when screening new therapists.

Or maybe you had a killer self-care routine that kept you from feeling defeated on days it felt like you'd NEVER find the right one.

Let us know your best tips below and you could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post (and help a lot of people out)!