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    13 "Mash Report" Headlines That Perfectly Sum Up Britain

    "Passengers desperate to know back story of bus drivers who didn't wave at each other."

    1. When they tackled an important Doctor Who issue.

    2. When they did this joke about luxury fashion.

    3. On going from the city to the country.

    4. When Big Ben's bongs had to stop bonging for four years because of maintenance.

    5. When they tackled this crucial transport issue.

    6. This Mash Report headline on class.

    7. When they reported on the horror of a Northerner walking round London being nice to people.

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    It ended on this stark warning.

    8. When the BBC was forced to report the salaries for some of its most well-paid stars.

    9. On family life.

    10. When rail fare increases were announced.

    11. And when Boots did not cut the cost of their contraception in stores.

    12. On British travel.

    13. And finally, on the Edinburgh Festival.

    You can watch The Mash Report on BBC iPlayer and it continues on BBC Two from 31 August at 10pm.