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Here's How 19 Celebrities Enjoyed The Eclipse Today

Celebs are just like us — well, at least when it comes to once in a lifetime events.

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1. Reese Witherspoon watched it from the set of her latest movie:

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon

2. Joe Jonas watched it from the "Total Eclipse Cruise"...

Instagram: @joejonas

...and he even watched Bonnie Taylor sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart," as it happened:

Instagram: @joejonas

3. Amy Schumer appeared to watch it through a DIY pinhole projector...

Instagram: @amyschumer

4. did Elizabeth Banks (who also donned glasses):

Instagram: @elizabethbanks

5. Matt McGorry enjoyed from a restaurant:

Instagram: @mattmcgorry

6. Amanda Seyfried enjoyed the eclipse with her family (while wearing matching Nirvana T-shirts):

Instagram: @mingey

7. Gwyneth Paltrow also made it a family affair:

Instagram: @gwynethpaltrow

8. Paul McCartney watched it with his daughter, Mary:

Instagram: @paulmccartney

9. Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed the eclipse out on a boat:

Instagram: @sarahjessicaparker

10. Vin Diesel shared his thoughts on the whole thing:

Instagram: @vindiesel

11. America Ferrera watched it with her Superstore co-star, Colton Dunn:

Instagram: @americaferrera

12. Zac Efron viewed it from the street:

Instagram: @zacefron

13. Nikki Reed shared this photo of her husband, Ian Somerhalder, watching through three pair of sunglasses:

Instagram: @iamnikkireed

14. Sarah Michelle Gellar enjoyed it with her friends:

Instagram: @sarahmgellar

15. Olivia Munn watched it with her doggy:

Instagram: @oliviamunn

16. Ryan Seacrest enjoyed it from his backyard:

Instagram: @ryanseacrest

17. Kristen Bell watched it on a NYC street corner, while sharing glasses with the people around her:

Instagram: @kristenanniebell

18. The Rock stopped his workout to watch it, and then made a few jokes about it as well:

Instagram: @therock

19. And finally, Lady Gaga was ready to be taken away with it:

Instagram: @ladygaga

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