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Vagina Charms Are Now A Thing And Honestly I'm Not Even Surprised Anymore

Bling bling for your thing thing.

Let's just get right to it, shall we? BoDivas, a Tokyo-based accessory company, is selling a product dubbed the "BeachTail" and it is essentially just a charm bracelet for your crotch.

The tail, which is described as a "sexy charm for your bikini crotch" is made up of a stainless steel chain and two dangles that I guess accentuate the curve of your ass?

Honestly I shouldn't be surprised by any new fashion trend because 2017 has already given us some real winners, like the Ta-Ta Towel, diaper jeans, and the infamous Romphim.

If the Beachtail isn't really your style, maybe try one of BoDiva's other products like the Nipple Noose.

Or maybe even the Clit Clip.

You know what they say: Don't knock genital jewelry until you try it, right?