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British People Are Being Incredibly British About The Solar Eclipse

It's safe to say we're feeling a little left out.

In case you somehow missed it, there's a total solar eclipse happening in the US today.

Here's a primer on what exactly is happening:

🌓🌎🌞 <-- lunar eclipse 🌎🌓🌞 <-- solar eclipse 🌎🌞🌗 <-- apocalypse

Basically, the moon will get between Earth and the sun, and it'll go dark for a little bit.

But if you're in the UK, don't despair! We get a partial solar eclipse today too!

Except...it might be slightly underwhelming.

The eclipse will be visible from the UK!.... at 8pm... with cloud cover.... covering this amount of the sun...

For those not able to enjoy the eclipse in Edinburgh tonight, you can replicate the experience by holding an olive… https://t.co/I66x1LWsg9

Especially given the typical British weather most of the country is currently experiencing.

Why do British folks think they're gonna see the eclipse? All you're gonna see is clouds

Who needs the moon? UK experiences it's own #solareclipse as clouds block out sun

Today there's a partial solar eclipse in UK. You'll notice it because the clouds will be a bit darker.

Looks like we will be able to see the Sun totally disappearing from view in the UK after all! 🙃 #Eclipse

And also the fact that the sun is going to set midway through the event.

Not that we're bitter or anything.

We in the UK have the sun turned off most summers #r4Today #Eclipse

Can't believe the UK got outbid by the US on hosting the eclipse. Why can't Britain put on these big world events any more.

Everyone: Oh, are you gonna see the solar eclipse, Nathan? Me: *cries British tears*

It's ok, though, because NASA will be livestreaming the whole thing.

British solar eclipse viewing starter kit

And if you really must see it with your own eyes, you'll only have to wait 73 years.

Don't worry everyone, we can see a Total #Eclipse in the UK on the 23rd September 2090.

There'll also be a pretty decent partial solar eclipse in the UK on 12 August 2026.

Happy eclipse-watching! 🌎🌓☀️