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Watch These GIFs Of Crazy Eclipse Traffic Across The Country

Millions of eclipse chasers hit the road on Monday, with traffic peaking after the event was over.

We Sent A Photographer To Eclipseville And Here Are The Photos

Hopkinsville was in the path of totality and tripled in size overnight.

People Are Making Jokes After Donald Trump Stared Directly At The Sun During The Eclipse

The president of the United States was handed protective glasses to wear for the remainder of his time spent staring at the sun.

This Is Not The Eclipse Video You're Looking For

Do we really have to do this?

Meet The Scientists Who Used The Two Minutes Of Eclipse To Study The Sun’s Halo

For these adventurous scientists, eclipses open a rare window to study the crown of ultrahot material that surrounds the sun. BuzzFeed News joined them near Mackay, Idaho.

People Say They Stared At The Eclipse And Hurt Their Eyes And Now They Are Losing It

"So after reading tons of advice about how i shouldn’t look at the sun even through dark ass glasses, i looked at the sun."

People Are Pouting Because They Can't See The Eclipse Through Fog

"If I miss the opportunity to bask in the magic of the eclipse bc of this wack ass fog I'm gonna lose it."

Here's What Flat Earthers Think About The Eclipse

Here's everything you need to know about the alternate theory of the universe.

Taylor Swift Just Eclipsed The Eclipse And People Are Freaking Out

"Damn, I had no idea Taylor Swift was feuding with the eclipse.."

Everybody Is Making The Same "Twilight" Joke About The Eclipse And It's Funny AF

"I'm not ready for the eclipse...I haven't even seen New Moon!"

Check Out This Traffic Map Of People Trekking To The Eclipse

This map shows live traffic conditions. It’s likely to get ugly.

British People Are Being Incredibly British About The Solar Eclipse

It's safe to say we're feeling a little left out.

The United States Just Witnessed A Rare And Awesome Coast-To-Coast Total Solar Eclipse

It was the first total solar eclipse to sweep the US coast to coast in nearly a century — starting in Oregon and coming to an end in South Carolina.

Can You Correct The Grammar In These 10 Facts About The Solar Eclipse?

Like a fill-in-the-blanks exercise, but with added celestial awe.

This Is How People Celebrate A Solar Eclipse Around The World

Nothing brings the world together quite like a celestial event.

Here's What Three Astrologers Think The Eclipse Means For Horoscopes

“When there are eclipses in Leo, astrologers historically have linked them to the coming of a ruler or the downfall of one.”

How To Photograph The Eclipse On Your Phone

There are going to be millions watching the eclipse — and many will try to capture it through the lens on their smartphone. Here’s advice from the pros about how to take the best pics.

24 Incredible Pictures Of Solar Eclipses Through History

Over 300 years in pictures spent staring at the sun.

Just 26 Pure Eclipse Jokes

WARNING: Do not stare directly into these jokes.

Here’s What You Should Look For When The Sky Goes Dark On Aug. 21

Hint: This isn’t your typical August night sky.

12 Things That Were Happening The Last Time There Was A Total Solar Eclipse In The US

1918 was the last time the US underwent a coast-to-coast solar eclipse. It also marked the end of World War I and the first Tarzan movie.

11 Trippy AF Stories About Total Solar Eclipses

"The colors, the electricity of it all. It looks like it’s electrified."

Amazon Sued Over Recalled Solar Eclipse Glasses

A South Carolina couple sued Amazon on Aug. 30, claiming that solar eclipse glasses they bought on the site left their eyes damaged.

We Literally Used To Behead Astronomers Over Their Eclipse Predictions

A Babylonian clay tablet gives the oldest intact record of a solar eclipse, on March 5, 1223 BCE. “The sun went down, its gatekeeper was Mars,” the tablet says.

21 Ways The US Was Totally Different The Last Time It Saw A Total Solar Eclipse

It's been 38 years since a total solar eclipse has hit the mainland US.

7 Animals That Freak Out During Eclipses

When the sun or moon vanishes from the sky, it tends to weird out animals just as much as people.

People Are Furious That Hertz Cancelled Car Reservations For The Eclipse

Hertz told customers through robocalls that it is canceling their reservations due to overbooking during the weekend of the eclipse.

Officials Across The US Are Issuing Emergency Warnings About Massive Eclipse Crowds

From emergency declarations to deploying the National Guard, states, counties, and towns along the path of the total solar eclipse are preparing for the worst.

People Are Renting Really Fucking Weird Places To See The Total Solar Eclipse

Would you prefer a horse pasture, a $5,000-per-night backyard, or a Mennonite school?

17 Completely Mind-Blowing Facts About Outer Space

Eclipses are basically cosmological miracles.

If You Want To Watch The Total Solar Eclipse, You Need These Glasses

Protect your eyes from the murderous majesty of the sun!

How Far Are You From These Amazing Spots To Watch The Eclipse?

Stunning views, golfing, citizen science, and “blackout beer” — these cities are preparing for the biggest tourism event of the year, if not the century.

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