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What Do You Call This Plastic String?

Is "gimp" vs "lanyard" a regional thing? Help us find out.

You know that colorful plastic string stuff you made keychains and bracelets with during summer camp?

It has come to my attention that people have different words for this plastic string stuff, and I suspect the difference is regional.

I was talking about this with some coworkers, and I called it a "gimp." They looked at me, horrified. That's because "gimp" is an ableist slur when used to describe a person with a physical disability. But in the context I know it, it's just describing plastic string — with no association with the slur.

They only knew the string as a "lanyard."

Was this because I'm older than them? Or was it regional? I grew up in Massachusetts, and they were from California.

I think the words for this are regional. Please help me figure this out by answering this poll.

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