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22 Things Only Frat Guys And Sorority Girls Will Understand

"With liberty and fraternity for all."

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1. You have more t-shirts than you can shove in your drawer.

2. Letters belong on literally everything.

Alpha Phi Cornell / Via, Point Grey Pictures / Via

3. There's nothing like the stress of finding a last minute formal date.

Sophie McCafferty / Via Twitter: @sophmccafferty

4. Paddles are not something to be taken lightly.

5. Your house is basically your family.

Nickelodeon / Via

6. Standards is pretty much a given...

Princess of Pasadena / Via Twitter: @ambitiousthirst

7. ...and fines are your most dreaded punishment.

Alexis / Via Twitter: @LilPufff

8. Your little is actually your child.

Getting a BIG is one of the best parts of joining Greek life💓

9. Someone is always getting kicked out of the GroupMe.

When you're fighting in the GroupMe and get kicked out for dropping facts

10. There's always a mixer to go to.

Grey Point Pictures

11. Puns are fun.

Cornell SDT / Via

12. With so many themed mixers, your closet has pretty much become a costume store.

Paramount Pictures

13. Recruitment may be the most stressful thing you've ever done...

Jenna Hein / Via Twitter: @jenna_hein

14. ...but at least you got to learn a lot of catchy cheers.

Chance Harbour / Via Twitter: @ChanceHarbour

15. There's always something going on at the house.

Point Grey Pictures

16. You've heard the phrase, "you're always wearing your letters" at least 100 times.

Nicole / Via Twitter: @nikkig_10

17. Fitting 14 people in one car isn't even that hard.

18. Playing pong involves compromise. No two people ever have the same rules.


19. Elevated surfaces are EVERYTHING.

20. Regardless of what party you go to, you're always going to hear the exact same five songs.

21. Intramural sports may as well be the pros.

Check out these intramural jerseys from the 1980’s. #PIKEThrowback

22. Most importantly, you've found some pretty fantastic people.

Megan Crimmins / Via Twitter: @megancrimmins12

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