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    18 Things Anyone Who Wears Glasses Needs To Own

    Seeing is believing.

    1. These handy microfiber tools that can clean both sides of a lens at the same time.

    2. These easy-to-sneak-into-a-wallet-or-bag lens wipes.

    3. These transparent anti-slip sleeves to stop your glasses from falling down your nose.

    4. Plus some black ones.

    5. This tube of wax to add some stick to the nose bridge of your glasses.

    6. These anti-slip silicone nose pads that'll make your glasses cling easier (if you prefer something that you don't want to apply to your frames).

    7. A pair of flexible glasses perfect for those who just need some to pop on for a bit of quick reading.

    8. This 4-in-1 screwdriver that fits on your keychain to tune up your hinges in a pinch.

    9. A necklace loop — a subtle way to hang your glasses without resorting to those granny chains.

    10. This lens cleaning kit that'll treat your lenses so that they repel water.

    11. A plush-lined nightstand case so you have a place to keep your frames when you're done reading for the night.

    12. A simple hard shell case — it remains the best way to prevent scuffs when you're throwing glasses into your bag.

    13. This friendly-looking spectacle stand to charmingly display your favorite set.

    14. These incredible cloth wipes that don't need any liquid solution to make your glasses streak-free.

    15. A clip-on holder for your car visor to keep your driving glasses out of that dirty center storage box.

    16. These magnetic holders that attach to your clothing to provide a perfect place to perch your pair.

    17. These adorable neoprene cases.

    18. And (not a product, but...) this super cheap store that's one of the best places to buy some new ~fashionable~ frames.