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14 Culture Shocks That Foreigners Experience When They Arrive In Mexico

Explained by foreigners living in Mexico.

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We spoke to people from different parts of the world, who came to live in Mexico, and we asked them for their first impressions. Here are their answers:

1. "There's food everywhere! You can find something to eat on every corner."

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"I feel like Mexicans are always eating. It doesn't bother me, I like having different options, but I found it odd at first that you can find up to five food stands in one corner."

- Romy, France.

3. "My idea of 'spicy' is not the same as this country's."

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"Here I'm told that food is not spicy and that it's only got a little chile to add flavor, but it's not true. What Mexicans barely find spicy, I find excruciating."

- Sebastián, Colombia.


4. "People in small towns are too kind. They even invite you into their homes and offer you their food even if they don't know you."

"They're very hospitable. In my country, it's the guest who is supposed to take offerings for the host as a thank you for inviting him, but it's the other way around here."

- Katsuhiro, Japan.

5. "I like it very much that people here enjoy music without feeling embarrassed."

"In my country, people act like they don't know songs in order to look cool. Here they don't care. Everybody sings and dances in bars."

- Angelica, United States.

7. "Breakfasts are very elaborate. In my country we eat lighter during the mornings, here they have things like chilaquiles or enchiladas."

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"You feel like going back to bed after having so much to eat for breakfast."

- Aga, Poland.


13. "I think that the differences between social classes are very noticeable in this country."

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"Just going from one colony to the other you can see the change, it's striking at first."

- Agnieszka, Poland.

14. "Young people have more liberties, they can do a lot of things that are frowned upon in my country."

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"People with tattoos can get any job without much problem here. In Japan, it's still considered something negative."

- Katsuhiro, Japan.

This post was translated from Spanish.