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    18 Incredible, Amazing, And Unique Airbnb Locations In The UK

    These are perfect for an adventure.

    1. Airship 2, Scotland

    2. Old Smock Windmill, Kent

    3. Lovely old house and art deco cinema, Somerset

    4. Riverside Cabin, Cornwall

    5. The Blue House On The Beach, Sussex

    6. Rockaway eco home, Somerset

    7. 12th-Century Abbey, Suffolk

    8. Boatel, Wales

    9. Romany Caravan at Bush Meadows, Cornwall

    10. Jack Sparrow House, Cornwall

    11. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall

    12. Former Abbey, Scotland

    13. Floating Tree Sphere, Dorset

    14. Here Be Dragons, Suffolk

    15. Luxurious treehouse, East Sussex

    16. Cosy Country House, Hampshire

    17. Romantic Cottage, Wales

    18. The Beatles Apartment Boat, Liverpool