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It Looks Like "Game Of Thrones" Will Feature Another Huge Reunion Next Week


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After seasons of near misses, we have now officially had two glorious Stark reunions.

In Season 7, Episode 2, we saw her learn that Jon Snow was alive and King in the North, which caused her to abandon her revenge plot against Cersei and head towards Winterfell.



The trailer shows her looking at Winterfell from a distance. Now, this being Game of Thrones, things could go majorly wrong before Arya actually gets to the gates.

We have seen Arya contemplating family from this kind of distance before – when she was SO CLOSE to reaching Catelyn and Robb at the Twins, just before the Red Wedding.

Call me crazy for holding out hope, but I still have a good feeling that we're going to actually get another Stark reunion in Episode 4.


A DOUBLE REUNION at that, because if Arya arrives at Winterfell she'll see Bran AND Sansa and OMG IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING.

Of course, there's also a chance that even if the reunion goes ahead, it won't be the perfect, happy event we're anticipating. The two reunions we've seen so far this season certainly haven't been.

The Stark children are all kind of messed up now. They can't go back to the way things were.

Still, better they're messed up together, alive and safe in Winterfell, than apart.

Then we'd just need Jon back to make the family complete.

I swear to god if I don't see Jon reunite with AT LEAST Arya by the end of this show I'm gonna be so mad.

You know, the dagger which was used to try and kill Bran back in Season 1, which Littlefinger said he had once owned but had lost to Tyrion Lannister. It was this information that caused Catelyn to arrest Tyrion, which caused Jaime to attack Ned, which caused... well, everything that came after.


So it's a pretty significant dagger. The last we saw of it on the show, it was in Ned's possession, with many fans assuming Littlefinger subsequently regained it when he betrayed Ned.

Outside of the show, we've actually seen the dagger more recently than Season 1 – it was in Arya's possession in this promo photo shoot. And we also saw an illustration of it in Sam's book in the Season 7 premiere.

This all suggests the dagger will have a major part to play before the end of the season. Now that Bran is back at Winterfell and all-knowing, will he finally reveal the true extent of Littlefinger's treachery? Will Arya arrive and steal the blade from Littlefinger – and maybe even use it against him? Will she then go on to use it against the White Walkers, since we know it's made of Valyrian steel?

One things for certain – it's going to be a very interesting episode.

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