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    27 Fancy AF Items To Glam Up Your Everyday Life

    Add a little glamour to your life without breaking the bank.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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    1. This floral-patterned notebook with a gold spiral binding.

    2. This unicorn snow globe.

    3. These sparkly crown clicker pens.

    4. This Drag Race inspired mug.

    5. This rose print tote bag.

    Get it from Asos, £20

    6. This pair of golden scissors.

    8. This gold metal planter.

    9. This flowery four-piece coaster set.

    10. This geometric design pencil case.

    11. This clam shaped light.

    Get it from Typo, £20

    12. This pink lil' pocket mirror.

    13. This metallic owl mug.

    14. This iPhone 7 case with real pressed flowers.

    15. This shiny silver coin purse.

    16. This snap-on protective case for a Macbook.

    17. These metallic Sharpies in bronze, silver, and gold.

    18. This giant thimble pen holder.

    19. This fluffy pink keyring.

    Get it from Asos, £8.00

    20. These golden earphones.

    21. This water bottle with a pretty face.

    Get it from Asos, £12.00

    22. These frilly feather bookmarks.

    23. This fancy iPhone charger.

    24. These glittery socks.

    Get them from Asos, £5.00

    25. These tea towels covered in golden pineapples.

    26. This rose gold raindrop pin.

    27. And this tiered-fringe cushion cover.

    Get it from H&M, £8.99