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Dylan Sprouse Is Returning To Acting And Cole Had An Epic Reaction

"Can you return my fucking T-shirts too?!"

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Meanwhile, Dylan has been taking a break from acting since Suite Life on Deck ended in 2011 β€” but not anymore! The longer-haired Sprouse is hard at work on the indie film Carte Blanche, and here's a look behind the scenes:

Ever since the news came out, people have been freaking out.

me because @dylansprouse is going back to acting ;)))

Some are dream-casting Dylan in Riverdale...

Y'all they leaked JellyBean and Juggy's reunion 😍😍😭😭 #Riverdale @colesprouse @dylansprouse

...while others would take drastic measures for a Suite Life reunion:

I just saw an article about dylan sprouse returning to acting I would sell my soul for it to be a suite life of zach and cody reboot

All the buzz made Dylan start trending on Twitter, and when Cole saw, he couldn't help but roast his brother a little bit:

Hey can you return my fucking t-shirts too?

But since this isn't the first time the Sprouses roasted each other on Twitter, Dylan had a πŸ”₯ response ready to go:

@colesprouse I don't wear them, I use them as toilet paper