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    19 Photos That Prove You Should Drop Everything And Visit Australia

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    1. The world's best place to wake-up – Cape Hillsborough, QLD.

    2. The world's fastest jungle swing – Cairns, FNQ.

    3. The world’s biggest Melon Festival – Chinchilla, QLD.

    Chinchilla Melon Festival

    4. The world's best brunch – Industry Beans, Melbourne.

    Instagram: @industrybeans / Via

    5. The world's most-Instagrammable beach – Bondi, NSW.

    Krzysztof Dydynski / Getty Images

    6. The world's most-exciting snorkelling experience – Ningaloo, WA.

    James D. Morgan / Getty Images

    7. The world's oldest living culture. Everywhere.

    Ingetje Tadros / Getty Images

    8. The world's largest living structure – 2,300km long.

    Andrew Watson / Getty Images / Via / Getty Images

    9. The world's best street art – laneways, Melbourne.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    10. The world's biggest short-film festival – Tropfest, Sydney.

    John Polson / Creative Commons / Via

    11. The world's only horizontal waterfalls – Kimberley, WA.

    12. The world's whitest sands according to the Guinness Book of Records – Hyams Beach, NSW.

    13. The world's most exciting fishing trip – via helicopter, NT.

    14. The world's coolest urban glamping campsite – St Jerome's Hotel, Melbourne rooftop.

    15. The world's most liveable city – Melbourne, six years in a row.

    16. The world's largest artwork, featuring Planehenge – Oodnadatta Track, SA.

    Bjorn Holland / Getty Images / Via Getty Images

    17. The world's longest pub crawl – 1,950km, 22 hours of driving, NT. Don't drink and drive!

    Arterra / Getty Images

    18. The world's best place to hug a koala – Magnetic Island, QLD.

    19. And the world's best free light show – the aurora australis, best viewed from Tasmania, in winter.

    Nick Fitzhardinge / Getty Images

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