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18 Tweets That Prove Grandparents And Dogs Are The Last Pure Beings In The World

Pet a dog and call a grandparent today.

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1. This protective dog that won't let anything happen to it's kitten.

my mom adopted a new kitten and my dog is in love with her and is protecting her

2. This grandfather whose breakfast habits resulted in a birthday treat.

My grandpa goes to @Whataburger everyday for breakfast so the local workers surprised him today with a cake&balloon…

3. This grandma who went above and beyond for her grandchild's hunger.

I told my grandma I was hungry and 20 minutes later...........

4. This totally normal dog that has found a whole 'nother level of comfort.


5. This adorable ~surprise~ that's guaranteed to brighten your day.

6. This grandma that has reached "Gucci Mane 1017 'So Icey'" levels at her birthday.

My girl 100th birthday partyyyyy 😍 Had to step out icey ❤️

7. These friends that have each other's back.

My grandma's 75 and she told me her and her best friend text each other a smiley face every morning to make sure the other woke up😢

8. This adopted dog that went from 0-100 real quick.

so my sis adopted her very first dog and his before and after pics have me crying. adopt don't shop 🐾


9. This man at Sonic being really helpful with ice cream.

Today I saw an elderly man sitting outside of his car spoon feeding his wife ice cream 😭😭

10. This grandfather's horse riding habit that will never get old.

My grandpa has been giving my grandma flowers everytime he goes riding for the past 40 years🌻💛

11. This pup that is better than ANY chauffeur that might greet you at the airport.

I get off the plane and the first thing I see

12. This adorable puppy that's soaking all the sun rays.

this was his 1st time seeing the sun and i think he liked it


13. This grandma that knows it's never too late to keep learning.

My Granma did that, 1st class degree in psychoanalytic studies at 74years old. Keep bagging up those degree m'girl.…

14. This grandma who kept it ONE THOUSAND.

My grandma is a nut. My grandfather passed and my grandma said "he got a lot of nerve pulling some shit like this today"😂

15. This puppy who needs a modeling contract pronto.

This is Canela. She attempted some fancy porch pics. They were unsuccessful. 13/10 someone help her

16. This grandma who is slaying more than granddaughter.

My gram decided to buy the same dress so we can match at my cousins wedding.. sad part is she prob wears it better!!

17. This "pup named Scooby-Doo" that's even cuter than the cartoon.

18. Finally, this grandma who can do so much more than just crack a cold one with the boys.