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    16 Times April Ludgate Made Us Want To Say "Yes, That Is Me"

    "Can you photoshop your life with better decisions?"

    1. When your friend dares you to chug the rest of the tequila during the pregame but you never back down from a challenge.

    2. When your uncle shows up to another family gathering completely shitfaced and you just can't hold back anymore.

    3. When you're getting hangry and bae is trying you.

    4. When it's the first day of school and you need to share a ~fun fact~ with the class.

    5. When you eat a coworker's food but blame it on Rhonda, the receptionist.

    6. When your BFF is telling you he's leaving his man for the 100th time and you need to act like you haven't heard it before.

    7. When you see your nemesis finally get the karma that's been coming to them.

    8. When you got a flat tire, were late to work, and got broken up with, but then you realize there's a party at work and your mood instantly gets better.

    9. When your mom tells you to be home at a reasonable hour but you really aren't hearing any of it.

    10. When your squad cancels your Friday night plans, leaving you to sit at home with your cat.

    11. When your crush liked your selfie on Instagram and you can't wait to tell all of your friends.

    12. When you thought you could go out and just dance to have a good time, but quickly remembered who you are.

    13. When your blind date overshares with you and then expects you to do the same in return.

    14. When you meet your boyfriend's dog for the first time and instantly like him better.

    15. When someone tries to dance up on your man at the club.

    16. And finally, when she said what each and every one of us think all day, everday. About everything. Ever.